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Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Here's a little (or maybe a lot) about me. I'm 25 years old and live in sunny (and smoldering hot) Clearwater, FL. Right now I work as a Graphic Designer/Web Designer, as well as an influencer online. I originally started this blog back in 2015 and focused mainly on fitness/health blog posts. But a lot has changed since then (moved away from Chicago, tried to be self-employed, got my own apartment, etc.) and I wanted to branch out into more categories to blog about since I've branched out!

But, let's back up a little bit. I went to undergrad at Central Michigan University for 1.5 years, but left for personal reasons. I then went to a community college near my home in Chicago on and off for a couple of years. I was majoring in Event Planning and LOVED it, but then I came to Florida and met my boyfriend and well... I never went back lol. So, you're probably wondering how I got into graphic and website design if I majored in Event Planning, let alone didn't graduate. Well, my dad was a computer programmer and I learned everything I knew from him at a young age. So, I decided to put those skills to good use!

So, in 2016 I came to Clearwater for vacation/a retreat. I've been to Clearwater almost every summer for several years at this point, so I had quite a few friends here. I met my now boyfriend who convinced me to move and stay here with him! I moved to Clearwater with like no money ($80 in my bank account, yikes!) and no job. So, that's when I decided to try and do my own thing by offering copywriting and web design services. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the discipline to do it all myself. Have you ever tried working from home? There are a TON of distractions! Not as easy as it may seem. So, I got a job with an incredible company doing what I love - it's a perfect set-up!

Now, about the blog, in 2014 I started an Instagram account to track my fitness progress. As I went along, I started to build a presence on Instagram and I realized I was motivating others, which is a great feeling! I started to brand my online presence and I started teaming up with companies I thought my readers and followers would benefit from, thus monetizing my digital media presence. In 2015, I started this blog and was very consistent for awhile there, but as I got busier with life, I let it drop out. I've maintained my Instagram presence pretty well throughout the past few years, but recently I've been itching to be that motivation you all saw in me from the beginning. If you're following me now, you may have noticed I've become more active on IG Stories and asking you for your input on things - this is because I really want to 1. deliver content you like and 2. be someone you can relate to and get inspiration from. So, with that said, take a look around! Check out the variety of blog posts (health, beauty, lifestyle, etc.) and let me know what you think! I really appreciate your feedback and support! Xx

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