Vegan Tofu Scrambled "Eggs"

 Super delicious vegan tofu scrambled "eggs" recipe!

Awhile ago I decided to pursue a more plant based diet, mostly because I felt really good after eating plant based meals and I had more energy because of that. I also found out I am allergic to eggs to some degree and can’t eat a lot of them. This actually seriously bummed me out because I LOVED eggs! I used to eat two poached eggs a day with avocado on toast and oh my God it was so delicious! If you haven’t tried that you need to eat it today (not kidding haha). However, that had to come to an end, but that didn’t mean I had to completely give up on the taste of eggs.

For a long time I was skeptical of tofu because I thought it was actually unhealthy and I just thought it was weird. However, I did a little research and it’s really not so bad and it’s filled with protein. I make sure to buy organic, non-GMO tofu since I truly think that’s the best way to go about eating tofu.

I then came across the idea of tofu scrambled “eggs”. I thought, “hmm.. can this really taste like eggs?” Desperate for a solution to my craving for eggs I gave it a go. While it doesn’t taste exactly like eggs, it tastes really good and makes me forget that I’m not really eating eggs. Below you’ll see the recipe I’ve come up with for a tofu scramble. The secret to a great tofu scramble is himalayan black salt by the way, because it has a sulfur taste to it, it’ll mimic the taste of eggs even more. I hope you enjoy it!

 Vegan tofu scramble

Tofu Scrambled “Eggs”

Servings: 4 - 5

 Vegan tofu scramble with avocado on toast

There ya go! A yummy tofu scramble that is filled with protein and veggies. Also, you can add more veggies if you’d like. Kale and spinach are super tasty in this dish, just add them after step #6. If you’re cooking spinach just cook it until the spinach shrinks down. If you’re cooking kale, you’ll want to cover the skillet and let it steam for about 5 minutes or until the kale is cooked thoroughly.

What’s your take on tofu? What are your favorite tofu dishes?

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