10 Reasons You Didn’t Get Results from Working Out

 10 Reasons you didn't get results from working out and how you can overcome them | ActivKel

I’ve talked to a lot of people who quit a workout program because they didn’t see results or it didn’t work. While in some cases the program may have just not been suitable for that person, I’ve more times than not found out it was because of one or more of the following. Below I’ll explain my top ten reasons as to why you didn’t get results from working out.

1| You paid too much attention to calories

I get it, counting calories seems like a must. It’s what we’ve been told since we can remember; count your calories and make sure you burn more than what you take in. This “rule” is true to some degree, but counting calories can actually make things worse. Many people, including myself, have become obsessed with counting calories and, for me, counting calories made me eat way less than I needed to! Counting calories for a few days to see what you’re actually taking in is okay, but after that it’s really not necessary and can actually become an unhealthy part of your fitness journey if you’re not careful. Instead of counting calories, I would just be aware of the correct food portions and stick to them.

2| You restricted your calories too much

Restricting your calories too much may allow you to lose weight, but it will NOT allow you to gain beautiful muscle for toned arms, legs and that awesome six pack that you want. Plus, restricting your calories too much is not sustainable and you’ll eventually go back to the way you ate before and gain the weight you lost from a heavy restriction of calories back - and you may even gain more than what you started with. Your body actually needs the calories for energy and to recover from a workout. I’m not saying to eat two cheeseburgers for lunch, but fueling your body with nutritious food will not make you gain weight - it’ll help you get the body you deserve.

3| You weren’t consistent

In order to see results you need to be consistent. Working out once or twice a week won’t get you very far. You don’t have to workout every day, but 3 - 4 times a week is way more consistent and will give you better results. Schedule a time and plan ahead what your workout will be so you can lower your chances of skipping a workout.

4| You gave up too fast

Getting a fit body and even losing weight doesn’t happen within a few weeks or a month. It takes several months and can be a long process, but it’s definitely worth it! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard girls say that they didn’t see results in two or three weeks so they just stopped. Well, there’s your mistake right there! There is no fast and easy way to get fit or lose weight - it takes time and patience. Plus, everyone’s body is different and loses weight/gains muscle faster or slower than others.

5| You were looking for a quick fix

I’m sorry to tell ya, but there is no quick fix or magic pill that will make you thin or give you a ripped body. If there was such a thing then gyms wouldn’t exist and I’d running to the store to get it haha! Losing weight can only be done through exercise and a good diet, at least that’s my opinion. Also, you cannot target just one part of your body that you’d like to change. For example, you can’t just get slimmer thighs, but not the rest of your body - that would be very disproportionate! Fat comes off of your body from everywhere, not just one place, so wanting to just do workouts targeted to your abs or arms won’t work.

6| You weren’t correctly educated on how to do an exercise

You’re probably thinking, “what’s there to be educated on? Working out is self explanatory.” Well… not exactly. There are certain and correct ways your form should be while doing a certain exercise or while being on a certain machine. If you have incorrect form you won’t be working out the areas to there fullest potential and you’ll be losing out on those fantastic results. Take the time to get educated on how to do exercise properly and how to use the machines at your gym. You can do so by Googling it, watching videos on YouTube or asking an employee at your gym.

7| You restricted a food group

In my opinion, all food groups are necessary. You need grains, aka carbs, shocker I know. Carbohydrates are what FUEL your body and are what give you the energy to workout. This doesn’t mean you get to have a huge bowl of spaghetti (unless of course you’re about to run a marathon), but grains will NOT hurt you. Grains include brown and white rice, quinoa (my favorite!), oats, wheat, etc. I personally believe quinoa and brown rice are some of the best grains out there.

Another food group many people tend to leave out is healthy fat. You need it my friend! I used to say, “fat is fat and fat will make you fat”. I actually love to admit that I was wrong. Healthy fat will not make you fat. In fact, it’ll help you lose weight. Avocados are AMAZING and are perfect as a healthy fat. Same goes for almonds and nut butters. As much as you'd like to try, you can’t avoid them (I mean, really, how could you avoid peanut butter??) and you really shouldn’t!

8| You had a poor diet

You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. You cannot workout like a mad man and eat junk food like it won’t effect you. Even if junk food isn’t effecting you on the outside, it most definitely is effecting you on the inside. Don’t expect to have awesome results when you’re still eating fast food. I don’t care if your favorite fast food place has salads - they’re most likely filled with sugar from the dressing and filled with GMO. The saying that says, “abs are made in the kitchen” is 100% true. Your body depends on you to feed it with nutritious food; it’s a machine that needs to be well taken care of - don’t take advantage of that by feeding it food that will only slow it down and slow down your results.

9| You compared yourself to others

This one’s a hard one because we all do it! We see that other girl who’s doing the same program, and is on the same week and seems to have super amazing results and we’re nowhere close to that. What's up with that? It’s hard because doing that makes it seem like everything you did, every workout you did, was a waist of time and you may even think about quitting. You know what though? That’s not fair. Not fair to you and not fair to the person your comparing yourself to. Everyone’s body is so different from one another. You may not get the same results at the same time as someone else, but trust me, you’ll get your own results in due time. As hard as it may be, try not to compare yourself to someone else. Work on yourself and compare yourself to where you were a few weeks ago instead of someone else.

10| You stuck to just one type of workout

Sticking to just one kind of workout, such as cardio, will not give you the results you want. There are so many kinds of exercises and cardio is one of the most boring ones (at least to me haha).

There’s LISS (Low Intensity Steady State), where you would do a fast walk, about 60 - 65% of your maximum heart rate. This is also known as the fat burning zone and is much over looked when it comes to fat loss. I’ve seen big results from LISS when it comes to fat loss - don’t underestimate the power of walking!

Then, there’s HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), where you go all out on an exercise for a certain amount of time (30 - 60 seconds for example) and then rest for 30 - 60 seconds. You’d repeat this for 10 - 15 minutes and that’s it. Fast and effective. Basically, this type of exercise keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

Circuit training, or resistance training, is high intensity aerobic exercise and it helps you build strength. You would have two or more circuits where you complete every exercise given in each circuit. I prefer this method of exercise, but I also like to incorporate LISS and HIIT into my weekly routine as well.

There ya have it! My ten reasons why you didn’t get results from working out. I also want to put in here that these are my opinions and what I’ve observed to have happened to myself or to others and these are in no way the only reasons why someone may not have seen results.

What is something you’ve found to prevent you or someone else from getting results?