4 Essential Fitness & Health Apps for a Better Workout

 Essential fitness and health apps

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! This weekend I had so much fun! I went on a mini road trip with some friends to meet up with some other friends. We totally pigged out on pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie ice cream (DUDE this stuff is SO good), Halloween Oreos, chips and salsa… you get the idea. So, now that I’m back home and the realization has set in that I can’t eat like that forever, I went to my go-to apps to get my butt back into gear. I thought you would all find it helpful to know what apps I believe are essential to having a better workout and ensuring you stay on track!

1| Seconds

Seconds is my go-to app for circuit training! You basically create your own timer for your circuit workout, HIIT, Tabata, or create a custom timer. You can add rests in between, add cool-downs, whatever you’d like and it’ll time it all out for you so when you’re doing your circuit training you don’t have to even think about re-starting the timer on your phone and you can have all of your focus on kicking butt in your workout. You can also make the different circuits or exercises different colors so your timer is more organized. Plus, it has a great design and great user experience.

2| My Fitness Pal

I honestly don’t use My Fitness Pal as much as I used to, but it is still a go-to of mine when I want to get back on track with my eating. With MFP, you create a profile with your name, height, weight and age and it will help you figure out how much you should be eating to obtain your goal. You can log all of your food for the day in MFP and the one really great thing about MFP is that there’s a 99.9% chance that they have the food you ate already on file, so all you have to do is add it and it’ll count up the calories and macros for you. If you workout that day you can input how many minutes, what kind of workout and the amount of calories you burned and MFP will add those calories you burned back into the calories you should eat. So, if your goal is to eat 1,900 calories in a day and you burnt 160 calories from working out, your new goal would be to eat 2,060 calories. I really like this feature because it reminds me that I should be eating more not less (healthy food of course).

You can also input your weight as often as you’d like and see your progress. If you’re looking for weight loss this could really help motivate you to stay on track and is fun to watch the numbers go down. (I must say here though, that I do not think it is necessary to weigh yourself as a way of seeing progress. I believe it can lead to an unhealthy obsession and the scale does not always show the reality of the situation. Instead, I would highly suggest taking progress pictures to track your progress. This way you’ll see exactly what has changed and you’ll be shocked by how much of a difference there is!)

I mostly use MFP for the macro tracking. This would be under “More” and then under “Nutrition - Macros”. I like this feature a lot because it shows you the total grams of carbs, fat and protein you had that day, which is more important to track than calories in my opinion.

There are so many features in MFP that I would have to create a separate post to include them all! However, some of the most used ones are: Calorie/macro tracking, exercise tracking, step tracking and a recipe log.

I also want to note that the app called Fitocracy Macros does a great job of telling you what your macros should be and helps you track them.

3| Fitocracy

This app is an absolute must when you don’t know what workout to do. Fitocracy provides free workouts made by experts and they have a variety of workouts that will suit many different needs. You can filter by goal, muscle group or equipment so that you can find the perfect workout.

One thing I love about this app is that there are pictures of each exercise by the expert PLUS a description of the exercise so you can ensure you’re doing it correctly and prevent injury.

A fun thing about this app is that you can earn points each time you workout and you can reach different levels. This motivates the competitiveness in me, which really makes me use this app even more.

You can also join groups to connect with others with similar goals. I don’t use this feature since IG is where it’s at for me - but it’s definitely something I’d check out if I were new to fitness since there’s a lot of knowledge in some of these groups.


4| Zipongo

This is such a cool app for finding awesome and healthy recipes. I like to eat primarily plant based, but I don’t call myself vegan because I do eat cheese and I will eat meat occasionally. What I LOVE about this app is that you can use a filter to set your diet (vegetarian, vegan, paleo, etc.) and you can filter out your allergies and restrictions. This is SO helpful and saves me so much time rather than spending forever on Pinterest trying to find a great recipe.

After you set your filters, if any, you’ll see many different categories. From “30 Minutes or Less” to “Recipes for Great Skin” - wait, great skin? Yes please! After you choose a category you’ll be provided with a ton of yummy recipes. You can heart them if you like them and see how many hearts other recipes have received. “30 Minutes or Less” and “One Pot Meals” are my go-to categories since I don’t like spending a ton of time cooking. When you choose a recipe, you can see tips and notes by the chef, how much protein, fiber, carbs, sodium, etc. is in the recipe and you can add all the items you’ll need to your grocery list right on the app, making shopping easy breezy.

There ya go guys! I hope you find some of these apps helpful as I couldn’t live without them.

What are some of your go-to fitness and health apps?