A Review: Is Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide Worth It?

 Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Training Guide is probably the most popular training/workout guide at this moment with thousands of girls using it across the world! Is it worth the hype? Is it worth the money? Are the results real? Here is my review and opinion of the BBG.

Hey pals! I talk a lot about how you should workout, why you should workout, etc. I’ve also briefly talked about certain workout programs that I like. However, what I’ve failed to mention are my opinions on these workout programs. It’s no secret that I do the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. I’ve been doing these guides for almost an entire year now. Am I bored with it? Do I still love it? Is it worth it? Find out below in my review of the Bikini Body Training Guide.

The who

So, let’s start out by saying what this guide is and who it’s by. This guide is called the BBTG (Bikini Body Training Guide) and was developed by Kayla Itsines and her partner Tobi Pearce. They are both Australian personal trainers and have built a major business from a guide Kayla didn’t think would really go anywhere; they’ve even won the Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2015. Kayla has a following of 3.9 million followers and that’s just on Instagram! If that doesn’t tell you how big her guides are, I’m not sure what will. Thousands of girls, including myself, have completed the first guide of BBG multiple times and have even done the second guide.

The workouts

There are twelve weeks (three months) worth of workouts in Kayla’s guides. They go on a gradient from somewhat easy to difficult (I say somewhat easy because, trust me, after that first workout you WILL be sore!) The first guide (weeks 1-12) include four weeks worth of pre-training so you can slowly work your body up towards the harder workouts.

The workouts are resistance workouts with circuits and the entire workout is completed within 30 minutes - fast right? Kayla’s workouts show you that you can get amazing results without slaving away at the gym and I think that’s something we all wish for!

The workouts do call for some equipment, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to head to a gym. If you’re like me and belong to a small, cramped gym, working out and using a lot of equipment can seem more of a task than it’s worth. You can do every BBG workout at home and substitute certain equipment with what you have at home. For example, instead of using two benches from the gym, I used two sturdy chairs at home.

These workouts aren’t easy by any means. They’re challenging, but that’s what a good workout is! You won’t gain results if the workout is easy and you’re not breaking a sweat. After my very first day of the BBG, Week 1 Legs, I literally could not walk for a whole week I was so sore! And of course, my boss at the time needed me to run a ton of errands where I had to walk up and down a steep flight of stairs multiple times LOL - not my favorite moment. But, don’t let that scare you because if I hadn’t done that first day and been sore like that my legs would not be as strong as they are today.

The support

Many times you purchase a workout DVD or workout program and you feel kind of… alone. It’s hard to stay motivated when all you have is yourself to try and get you to do a workout when it’s probably the last thing you want to do. The result? 99.9% of the time you end up not working out (it’s a scientific fact!) However, one of the perks with the BBG having such a huge following is that you have a community of like-minded peeps who have similar goals to yours. This community is mostly on Instagram (search the hashtag #bbggirls and #bbgcommunity to see what I’m talkin’ about) and on Facebook with multiple BBG FB groups you can be apart of. Let me tell you, if it weren’t for the support I received through Instagram I would’ve NEVER made it this far. I’d probably still be wishing my clothes fit a little better and wishing I had a body I loved. Out of everything I’d say the support in the BBG community is my most cherished and favorite part of the BBG.

My real thoughts

Yes, my review is positive, but that’s because I have had such amazing results, physical and mental, because of BBG. Here are my real thoughts and opinions:

  • The workouts are sometimes so challenging that I wanted to cry. Not because it was physically all that hard - I just mentally felt like I COULDN’T do it. BBG taught me that working out is just as much mental as it is physical and that I can do anything I put my mind to - literally.
  • I completed the first guide (weeks 1-12) three times and loved it. I was motivated and looked forward to the workouts. They were challenging yet not too challenging so it kept my interest. I am now almost done with the second guide (weeks 13-24). However, I honestly don’t love the second guide as much as I loved the first. I’m not too sure what it is about it or maybe it’s just me. I find the workouts more simple than the first guide - honestly I could add more weights to make it more difficult, but I haven’t done that yet. After I’m done with the second guide I’ll be going back to the first guide most likely because I enjoyed it that much!
  • I love that I don’t have to go to a gym to do these workouts. I can be in the comfort of my own home, especially in the freezing winter months.
  • The workouts in the first guide seem to never get old. Even though I dread burpees, I find myself eager to do them at the same time - it’s a strange feeling haha!
  • One of my favorite parts of BBG is that it doesn’t take a lot of time. Like I said above, each workout is 30 minutes long plus they’re 3-4 times a week - that is NOTHING compared to what some people do who may not even get great results from their long hours at the gym.

The bottom line

The BBG is priced at $69.97 AUD. I know, it looks expensive! But hear me out on this. A personal trainer would cost you $35 an hour and that's on the cheaper side. You're getting trained by a renowned personal trainer for less than $1 a day! That's a worthwhile investment for yourself and your body. This kind of an investment is priceless in the long term, in my opinion. Will I keep doing BBG after I finish the second guide? Yes. Will I keep doing BBG after that? We’ll see. I see BBG as a guide that I’ll always have and that I’ll go back to throughout my life and I’m being completely honest about that. Do I recommend BBG? I think you know the answer to that haha (If not, well, the answer is yes). You can check out the guides for yourself by clicking here.

Still not sure it’s worth it?

My amazing friends have given me their permission to post their transformations using Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide below! Their transformations are all incredible and there are more just like these if you search the hashtag #bbgprogress.

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Also, in case you were wondering, here’s my latest progress picture.

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Would you be up for a challenge like this? What workout programs have you tried?