The Best Healthy + Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe!

 The BEST healthy + gluten free pumpkin pie recipe to share with your family this Thanksgiving! Click through to see the recipe!

Hey friends! Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here?? It’s so crazy how this year is just flying by! This time of the year is my all time FAVORITE (it comes very close to Summer, but I gotta put the months of Oct. - Dec. on top). I love how the air becomes crisp, the delicious Fall flavors and foods, and of course the many holidays that occur in December. Pumpkin pie is by far my favorite Thanksgiving dessert - if you don’t like pumpkin pie I question your taste buds (just kidding ;) ) Below is my recipe (inspired by Ancestral Nutrition) that I used to create a super yummy pumpkin pie made with few ingredients and a gluten free (but oh so delicious) pie crust. Hope you enjoy!

This pie is, in my world, as healthy as it gets when it comes to pumpkin pies. Yes, there’s sugar in it (from honey), but I prefer my pumpkin pie with some sweetness to it. I love using honey to sweeten things up! It’s natural and way better than processed or factory-made sugars.

The pie crust is super simple! It’s probably the easiest thing I’ve ever made and takes only seconds to make if you use a food processor. Originally, this recipe called for an egg, but I don’t eat eggs due to allergies so I used an egg replacement instead and it tastes just as great! If you have an egg allergy or are vegan and need a good egg replacement, check out this one by Neat Egg.*

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The filling is just as easy as the crust. Mix all ingredients in a bowl (again, I used an egg replacement) with a whisk and transfer the mixture into the pie pan! The longest, and some may say hardest part, is waiting for close to an hour for this bad boy to cook - but trust me, it is SO worth it! When you’re checking if your pie is done or not, use a toothpick or knife and poke it into the center of the pie. If it comes out clean you’re set! If the pie still jiggles, don’t worry - pumpkin pie is more of a custard and isn’t similar to a cake and will most likely still jiggle even when it’s finished cooking. The pie will solidify once it cools down.

 The easiest and best healthy + gluten free pumpkin pie to share with your family this Thanksgiving! Click through for the recipe!

Healthy + Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie

Serves 8

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What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving foods? Are you as excited for Thanksgiving as I am??