Mini Minutes #2

 Get a glimpse into my life and what's been happening at ActivKel! Read about my good times, embarrassing times and sometimes the not so good times. You'll also get to find out what my future plans are for the blog!

Wow! I cannot believe October is over; it flew by! At the beginning of each month I like to briefly reflect on the past month and share with you all some things that have happened (good and not so good). Here are October’s Mini Minutes.

The awesome

This past month ActivKel’s page views and unique visitors have DOUBLED since September! I am super excited about this sinceSeptember was the month I decided to become serious about this blog and really make it a reliable resource for others. Along with this, my Pinterest impressions and daily views have increased by over 3,000% according to my Pinterest analytics! That’s insanity! I implemented everything Melyssa Griffin has given out about Pinterest on her blog and through her webinars and it has helped my blog grow exponentially.

What I’d like to overcome

October was an odd month for me when it came to my fitness routine. I’ve become pretty slack and not doing enough workouts as I’d like to. My eating has been okay, but breakfast is my weakness - lately I’ve been only having coffee for breakfast, which isn’t good.

So, in order to overcome this I’ve decided that for the month of November I’m going to do the absolute best I can to do everything right. That means 2 - 3 liters of water every day, eating enough calories (I have a hard time with this sometimes surprisingly) and NOT skipping breakfast (overnight oats will become my BFF), train 5 - 6 days a week and little to no cheat meals. I’m also doing this as a little experiment to see if I can get a six pack, since I’m close to it, within this time frame. Not sure if it’s possible, but hey, we’ll find out!

I’m going to show my progress on my Instagram, @activkel, and I’ll be using the hashtag, #trackmypack, so follow along!

The awkwardly funny

On Halloween a bunch of my friends and I went out to celebrate to of the girls' birthdays and we were just…

(sing to the Fresh Prince theme song)
 chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
and dancin’ to sweet music actin’ like a fool
When a kinda weird guy who had a creepy costume
Started dancin’ all crazy up in our room
He got a little too close and my friend got scared
She said, “There’s cupcakes downstairs”. So, he said, “Oh okay, take care.”

Hahaha okay, maybe that was the worst lyrics ever, but that’s basically what happened. This guy came out of nowhere and started dancing right next to us for, what felt like, an hour and the only way we got rid of him was by telling him there were free cupcakes… I don’t blame him for leaving - I probably would too, I mean free cupcakes!

Looking forward

Back to a little more serious note haha, I’m planning some cool things for the blog in the near future. For right now, I want to continue delivering to you all great content. If you ever have questions or even have a suggestion, I’m all ears! Comment below or contact me. I look forward to this next month; I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer :)

How was your month of October? What’s something great that happened? Dare to tell me something embarrassing? I’d love to know!