How to Stay Fit this Thanksgiving in 5 Easy Steps

 Make sure you stay on track and stay fit this Thanksgiving by using these 5 easy steps! Click through to view the steps + to get a free post-Thanksgiving workout!

Hey all! Ahhhh, Thanksgiving is coming up in a few days. I don’t know about you, but this is my all time favorite holiday. It must be that I get to stuff my face with food and no one will judge me (I know you all think that too! haha) Everything from the green bean casserole to the pumpkin pie to the socializing with friends and family - Thanksgiving just couldn’t be much better (well, maybe if there were presents it would be better hehe ;) ) However, I do know how hard it is to stay on track during such a food driven holiday so I thought I’d give you all some helpful tips to stay on track during this festive time.

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1| Workout in the morning

Trust me, after a Thanksgiving dinner you are 100% most likely not going to workout. That is a scientific fact haha. So, instead, workout in the morning and burn those calories so you’ll have extra room for that pumpkin pie later on! If you’re not feeling an entire workout, do a LISS session or HIIT. You’ll still be doing something and that’ll make you feel a lot better at the end of the day.

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2| Drink a LOT of water throughout the day

This is super important, people! Drinking water throughout the day keeps you feeling full and drinking a lot of water at Thanksgiving dinner will ensure you’re not confusing hunger with thirst. I always try to drink 8 oz. of water every 1 1/2 hours so that I’m always intaking fluids. Coffee unfortunately does not count for water (although it seriously should be) and tea is okay, but again, doesn’t count as water. If you can’t stand the taste of water (like me) then I highly suggest these Nuun Hydration Tablets. They’re electrolyte enhanced tablets that make your water taste super yummy and help you drink tons of water throughout the day! I couldn’t live without them, especially in the summer!

3| Try to avoid being starving beforehand

I’m not sure about you guys, but for me, I sometimes have a hard time eating before a big feast aka Thanksgiving. My mindset goes along the lines of, “well, I’ll be eating so much later, I just won’t eat much now”. But, this is actually not a great way to go about it. Why? Well, because if you hardly eat throughout the day - first of all your metabolism doesn’t get the kickstart it needs and is like, “what the heck dude?” Second of all, you’ll be so hungry by the time dinner begins that you won’t help but put a ton of food on your plate, eat fast, and ultimately not feeling your best after what just occurred. Your best bet would be to eat small meals up until dinner - about 2 small meals and snacks in between (at least this is what has worked for me).

4| Stick to your portion sizes

Skip the silly rules of “put your fork down between bites” and “chew 50 times before you swallow”. I’ve always thought those rules were kind of strange, plus I always got really bored after the 20th chew and just swallowed it anyway. Instead, I’ve got something much easier for you. Just stick to portion sizes. I will never tell you that you need to cut out certain foods from your diet - especially on Thanksgiving! Sticking to your portion sizes ensures that you don’t overdo it and that you don’t eat way too much and fall asleep an hour later because of all that turkey ;)

Check out this website to see the correct portion sizes for the US

5| If all else fails…

Celebrate. You read that right! If all else fails and you completely over did it and you can’t move off the floor cause you ate the entire turkey, do not fear, celebrate. Celebrate the fact that you NEVER get to do this and that you feel like a complete boss for eating so much food. You should be given a victory cup with your name on it (not kidding haha!) It’s very easy to tear yourself apart because you ate too much, but hey, it’s okay. It happens. Don’t eat too little or exercise for over an hour the next day trying to make everything up. Just get back into your normal routine of working out and eating a well balanced diet - your body will bounce back!

P.S: If you do over do it, I’ll be right here with ya and I’ve already thought of a way to ensure you get back on track! Be on the look out for a post-Thanksgiving workout if you’ve subscribed. If you haven’t subscribed yet, then go for it! You’ll be all set with a new workout that will bring your right back into shape ;)

And there ya have it my friends! My top tips to ensuring you stay on track this Thanksgiving.

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving? What are your top tips?