Mini Minutes #3

 Mini Minutes #3 - a behind the scenes look into ActivKel, what I wish would have gone better, what is going really well and a little hint of what's to come in the future. I also sometimes like to crack a few lame jokes in between hehe. Click through to see how my blog and Pinterest analytics are stacking up!

Hey there! I can’t believe another month has past already (I feel like I say that every month haha). November went by so fast - I remember thinking mid way through November how it’ll be December before I knew it and what do ya know… it did! I’m thinking the same will go for December… if I’m right I think I should start my own future prediction service haha! Anyone wanna be my first customer? (just kidding ;) ) Anyway, enough of my lame jokes, if you haven’t seen it before, at the beginning of every month I like to reflect on the month before. What went well, what didn’t, what I wish could happen faster - you get the idea. Sooooo here we go! Here are November’s mini minutes.

The not so great

Okay, so I thought I’d start off with what didn’t go as well as I would have liked. Kinda like ripping off a bandaid. This month in terms of the blog’s traffic was ooookay. It wasn’t horrible, but it was down from October by 32% in page views on 6% in unique users. This isn’t HUGE, but it is something. However, I think I’ve found out what I was doing wrong. At the beginning of November I was getting hardly any page views compared to October. Confused, I realized I wasn’t promoting my blog posts as much as I could have. At the most I was tweeting about it only once when the post went live and pinning it only once and that was it! Well, I’ve now started tweeting more and pinning more of each blog post - I’ve seen a large increase in traffic since doing so. Hopefully in December I can get these percentages to show as a positive rather than a negative.

Also, if you, as the reader, have any suggestions at all pleeeease let me know! My blog isn’t just a one way street - you can contact me whenever about suggestions or questions and I’ll be happy to chat!


So, I recently purchased Melyssa Griffin’s new e-course called the Blog Hive. I have some ideas of workshops and e-courses that I think you’ll like and Melyssa’s e-course is gonna help bring those ideas to life! So, I’m super excited about that. It’s a big investment in myself and I think it’ll be a big game changer for this blog and really help you out as well!

I also got a new camera *SUPER happy face*. I have a Nikon DSLR from 2003 aka dinosaur age. It’s great, but I wanted something a little more compact to take with me everywhere to make my Instagram even better. So, after weeks of researching and constant indecisive-ness, I decided on the Canon G5x and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s perfect and has many entry level DSLR features in such a compact camera.

My Pinterest game as become stronger, booyah! My average monthly viewers have gone up by 370.38%!! It keeps growing and I’m over the moon about it. Pinterest is my #1 referral and it’s the best thing I’ve ever put my time into. Jus took at that beautiful upward trending graph!

 Pinterest analytics for ActivKel

If you’re wondering, I learned everything I know about Pinterest from The Nectar Collective ;)

The future

I have some really cool new ideas that I can’t wait to start implementing. It’s really going to help you live a healthy lifestyle that you can actually do and keep up with! One of my ideas is creating workouts for you. I’m not sure if it’ll be a weekly, biweekly or monthly thing, but it will be happening - in fact it’s already happened. If you signed up to receive weekly fitspiration and my best tips (aka my newsletter), then you will have received the very first workout I created for the blog (by the way… if you haven’t signed up for my e-mails I highly recommend ya do - you’ll be the FIRST to know on all these good ideas ;) ) The workout has already received over 100 re-pins so I think it’s doing pretty good so far! You can check out the workout for yourself by clicking here!

That, my good friends, is all I have for November (and a bit of a hint of December an onward).

How was your November? What are your plans for December? I’d love to know!