The Ultimate Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide 2015

 The ultimate holiday gift guide of 2015 for the fit girl in your life. Don't just buy her new gym shoes - go all out and get her one of these super SWEET gifts! Click through to read up on the awesome benefits of each one.

'Tis the season for holiday gift giving and seeing your BFF's face light up when you get them the PERFECT present. We all want to be that person who gets the best gift possible - something they may have not even thought of, but is super cool and something they'd brag about. At least, I'm like that. Whenever I'm trying to find a gift for someone I know I have to get them the best thing money can buy (or at least my budget can buy). So, in hopes to make your shopping experience a little easier I put together the ultimate holiday gift guide for that fit girl in your life!

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Before I start, I should say that there are a TON of items I could have put on this list. I narrowed it down to the best seven items I could think of. These are things that are even on my wish list and some are REALLY sweet! Below, I explain what each item is and link to it for ya.

 The ultimate holiday gift guide of 2015 for the fit girl in your life. Don't just buy her new gym shoes - go all out and get her one of these super SWEET gifts! Click through to read up on the awesome benefits of each one.

1| Nike Pro Shorts

Nike pro shorts never go out of style and they're a staple in any fit girl's wardrobe. Nike pro shorts are comfortable, breathable and allow you to do tuck jumps and burpees without riding up (if your Nike Pro's are riding up on ya, try going up a size - I found this completely stopped it for me.)

2| Powerbeats 2 Wireless Headphones

These are going to make your girl's life so much easier while working out at the gym. Say good-bye to annoying wires getting stuck to your sweaty face and accidentally ripping them out of your ears causing your phone to fly off the treadmill (okay, so maybe that last one just happened to me haha). Either way, these headphones will make working out with music a breeze no matter where you go. Plus, they're sweat proof!

3| Fabletics outfit

I had to put this one on here because Fabletics is amazing! They sell their clothes by the outfit (or you can buy them individually - but where's the fun in that?). They're fashionable yet super comfy. I love their clothes because I can wear them to workout in or just hang out with my friends and still be considered wearing appropriate clothes. Fashionable workout clothes are a fit girl's dream that's finally come true.

4| Smart Rope jump rope

Okay, this is probably one of the coolest finds. It's the most advanced jump rope and will record your jumps right in front of you while you're jumping with LED lights. Say whaaaat? Even if I didn't like fitness, I'd want to get this just to try it out. It also counts your calories burned and syncs with iPhone, Android and Apple Watch. Still want more info? Check out this YouTube video of the jump rope - the technology of it is incredible!

5| Camelbak water bottle

Water bottles are essential during a hardcore workout. Camelbak's water bottles are great because they're durable, leak-proof and the opening allows a lot of outflow of water without spillage - perfect for guzzling down during a break.

6| Polar M400

Polar watches are the perfect fitness trackers (in my opinion, anyway). The Polar M400 is the ultimate fitness tracker that will give your fit girl vital information during and after her workout. The M400 has many features, but some of the most important features are:

  • Has a GPS to better track runs by tracking your pace, altitude and more
  • 24/7 activity tracking; tracks your steps, calories, daily goal and sleep
  • Target heart rate zones to help you train better
  • Water resistant

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7| Foam roller

While having devices to help you exercise better is great, it's just as important to have items to help you recover from those workouts. Foam rollers are one of the best ways to rehabilitate and help your muscles recover from DOMS (what are DOMS? Find out here) faster. Foam rollers with grooves in them give a deeper massage and perform better than ones without grooves.

I hope this gift guide got your juices flowin' on what to get for your fit girl!

What's your favorite must-have fitness item?