Over 15 Responses to Rude Comments you can Steal

 When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and having a consistent fitness regime, it's almost bound to happen that you'll come across a rude comment by a friend or even a stranger. Click through to stop feeling bad and start taking control with these responses you can steal!

Sometimes we fit girls have it hard. No, it’s not just the sore muscles or the consideration of not wanting to wash your hair just because it’ll get dirty in the next 24 hours haha. I’ve seen way too many times people telling others rude and hurtful comments regarding their lifestyle or fitness regime. The comments are pretty much uniform and are meant to be hurtful, but sound like they’re just looking out for you. This has happened to me and friends I’m close to way too often. So, in case any of you have come across similar comments I thought it would be helpful to list out what I would say to each of these comments. Feel free to steal my responses or tweak them to work for you.

Before I get into it, it’s important to note that you don’t have to put up with people who say comments like the ones below. You don’t even have to respond if you don’t want to. Honestly, I don’t respond to most when they happen or I literally shake my head in disappointment. But, also don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself! Confront it, even though it may be hard, and let them know what they’re saying is not a-okay. If you’re not the confront type, laughing it off and making a joke out of it works almost better - it shows that what they’re saying isn’t getting to you and is quite possibly the best solution, in my opinion.

I've also found that it doesn't really matter why some people find the need to say these comments. It could be because they're jealous or because they're uneducated or it could be that they don't even realize they're being rude. Either way, it's more important to know how to handle rude comments when they come you're way so you can be in control :) Below you will find 18 rude comments that I’ve heard myself or my friends have heard and my responses to each.

So… how much longer are you on this diet for?

My response: “I’m not on a diet. This is my lifestyle and I like to eat clean, whole foods. Of course I’ll treat myself with pizza or ice cream or whatever, but I’m in no way on a diet.”

Don’t you ever get tired of eating just salad?

My response: “Well, contrary to what you think, I don’t eat lettuce and tomatoes for lunch every day. If I do eat salads I put a lot of veggies, nuts and protein in it to make it a good meal. Plus - salads are delicious if you use more than three ingredients!”

You’re too skinny/you’re getting too muscular/you’re taking it too far.

Now, if this is coming from a genuinely caring person who is actually concerned for you then that is a different story. My response to this is mainly towards those who are uneducated when it comes to the difference of being fit v.s skinny and not knowing the difference between body building muscle and toning.

My response #1: “I’m actually not too skinny. I’ve gained muscles and if you’re too skinny you wouldn’t have muscles to show *probably sneak in a little flex here ;)* My weight is perfectly fine for my age and height.”

My response #2: “Personally, I don’t feel like I’m gaining too much muscle. I’m not trying to train for a body building show, I’m toning up and I like how my muscles look. If you don’t then that’s your preference.”

You’ve already lost weight, why do you keep working out?

My response: “For one thing, I enjoy it. It’s one of the only times of the day that is completely for myself and I like how I feel afterwards. Second, just because I’ve lost weight doesn’t mean I should just stop working out - I’m not on a program with an end date.”

You met your goal you can stop being healthy now.

My response: “Being healthy isn’t something you just stop or should stop. Sure, I met my goal, but I have new goals and part of what I’m doing is to maintain being healthy.”

I think you’re getting obsessed/addicted.

Again, if the person saying this truly is concerned for you then disregard my response. It can happen where healthy becomes not so healthy because we’re too hung up in it all. My response is towards those being rude and saying it to bring others down.

My response: well, first I’d probably ask why they think that. If they said something like “well, you go to the gym every day and you’re always tracking your progress”, I’d say this: “I’m not obsessed or addicted. I go to the gym 5 times out of the week because I like to workout. I keep track of my progress for myself and so I can see how far I’ve gone and to be honest my progress is none of your business.”

Are you sure you should be eating that?

My response: “*gives weird look* Um… yes. *gobbles down*”

Won’t you have to workout after eating a slice of pizza?

My response would depend on the kind of mood I’m in to be honest haha. Sometimes I get quite annoyed by these kinds of questions and I’ll give one word responses or it’ll be sarcastic or I’ll be nice and give a good answer haha.

My response #1: “Nope.”

My response #2: “Already worked out - BOOM!”

My response #3: “I may love to workout but I’m not so concerned to think about whether I have to workout after eating something or not.”

Do you know how many calories are in that?

My response #1: “Not really and I honestly don’t care.”

My response #2: “No, why, do you?”

Your life must be boring if you don’t drink.

My response: “Oh quite the contrary, I meet a lot of cool people often and I try new restaurants and I love to travel. That doesn’t sound boring to me.”

Don’t lift weights, you’ll become bulky and gross looking.

My response: “I think you have some false information. You won’t become bulky if you lift weights. Lifting weights is what gives you toned arms and a big butt (in the best way). I don’t think looking toned is gross at all.”

We got pizza, but I guess it’s not for you since you’re on a diet.

My response #1: “I’m not on a diet, I just like to eat clean, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have some pizza.”

My response #2: “Are you just trying to keep it all for yourself? Haha nice try!”

You’ll just gain the weight back once you stop.

My response: “Yeah, maybe, but who says I’m stopping?”

You don’t need to workout you’re already thin.

My response: “It’s not about getting thin. I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be fit and toned. There’s a difference.”

You’ll never be able to keep it up in the long run.

My response: “Unless you can predict the future I really don’t think you have any good reason to tell me how my future should pan out.” If it’s a good friend of mine who’s saying this to me, I’d also go as far to say, “As a friend you should be supporting me. If you can’t do that then keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself because they’re not wanted.”

No one likes that healthy stuff you make.

This actually was told to me by someone close and it was completely rude, especially since they knew how much I enjoy making healthy food. I’m always tempted to give a rude or sarcastic remark back, but I try my hardest to not stoop to that level (although sometimes I can’t help it haha).

My response: “‘No one’ is a generality so I’m sure that’s not true. I know many people who love healthy food and honestly they wouldn’t even know the difference if it’s cooked right.”

Abs are only for models, you don’t need them.

My response: “I’m not sure where you got that from, but abs aren’t only for models. Abs are for anyone - they’re not an exclusive thing that only certain people have access to.”

All you care about is being healthy, it’s annoying.

My response: “I do love being healthy. It’s fun and I feel good from it. You should try it.” And I would say that without being sarcastic. I really do think healthy looks good on everyone.

I hope you found some of these responses helpful. Again, this is what I would most likely/have said. I totally understand how annoying and frustrating it can be when someone, especially a friend, gives rude remarks about something you're working so hard on. The important thing is to remember it's not you it's them!

Have you experienced anything like the above comments? How would you go about it?