Why I'll Never Use a Scale to Track Progress


We are so used to relying on the scale's number for our progress. Scales can be useful tools for obvious reasons; to see how much weight you currently are versus how much weight you used to have. However, when you are working out and gaining muscle, the scale only tells half the truth. Below I explain why I won't use a scale as a form of tracking my progress.

Here's a personal example: I started the BBG six weeks ago. I weighed 132 pounds and looked it. After six weeks of intense work outs I am down to 127 pounds, which to me is really great, but most of us see a 5 pound reduction and think that is not enough. In reality, I've gained muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat! So, of course if you are gaining muscle you're weight on the scale is going to increase, even if you lose fat.

I used to weigh myself constantly. Daily, in fact. It was an obsession I had in high school and I would get mad at myself every time the number would go up by just one pound! Talk about crazy. If I were to weigh myself right now I bet you I would hate the number. It would show that I've "gained" weight, which is true. I have gained weight, but not in terms of fat, but in terms of muscle! I will never weigh myself to track my progress because it just doesn't show the truth of what has really happened.

"So... what do I do?" you ask. Take progress pictures! Doesn't have to be fancy. Use your room, your bathroom, go outside, wherever there's an ample amount of lighting. Download a timer camera app on your phone or take mirror pics (flash back to middle school, hehe!) of your full body. Take as many as you'd like. Take one of your front, side, back, arms, butt, etc. I like to take progress pictures at the end of each week (on a Sunday to be exact), but you can decide to take pictures every other week or once a month, whichever suits you best. Make sure you take your progress picture on the same day and around the same time for each progress picture. Then, compare pictures each week, every other week or each month.

"I can't see any progress" is something I read a lot. First, if you're comparing pictures only a week apart, remember that a week really is not a long time. Not much can happen in a week. Try comparing pictures a month apart - I bet you will definitely see some progress! Second, don't be too hard on yourself. It can get very easy to hate your body and say that it sucks. Instead, try loving your body no matter how it looks. Progress comes differently for each person. I know I would sometimes get discouraged when I saw a fellow BBG girl who, from Week 0 to week 4, would have such amazing progress; it made me feel like I had achieved nothing. That's definitely not the case. Remember, work out, eat well and your body will reward you!

What are some of your favorite ways to track your progress?