Why Going Slower will give you Better Results


Slow and steady wins the race! We've all heard this saying before, but it is so true when it comes to resistance training (and weight training)! When I first started resistance training with Kayla's BBG I was trying to do everything as fast as I could, doing the most amount of rounds of one circuit as I could. While it's nice to be able to do one circuit multiple rounds, it's not always beneficial. If you're just rushing through each move you may not be working your muscles as much as you could be.

I just recently started to do my resistance workouts slower and ensuring my form is correct (this is KEY!) I ended up feeling the burn way more and my muscles were more sore because I was actually working them. The same goes for weight training. It's not a matter of "how fast can I do them?", it's a matter of "am I doing these correctly?" and "am I feeling the benefit from this exercise?" If you're not feeling the burn you may want to stop and ask yourself if you're doing the exercise correctly or if your form is correct because you SHOULD feel a burn, especially if its new to you.

I also found that it was useful to take videos of myself working out. This way I could look back and see how my form was. Yes, this can be awkward and kind of embarrassing at first, but it's definitely worth it to watch your progress when doing the exercises!

Do you think going slower gives you a better workout? Why or why not?