What's in my Gym Bag #1

Hey guys! I was roaming around the internet, like I always do, and came across a lot of “what’s in my bag” and “what’s in my purse” blog and vlog posts. So, I thought why not do a “what’s in my gym bag” post? I’m going to be doing this monthly to show you all what my go-to items for the gym are each month! I always wondered what others brought to the gym to help them through their workout, so I’m going to let you guys in on what I bring to help me through those torturous.. I mean amazing 30-45 minutes!

1| Netflix

This might seem like a funny go-to, but I love working out to Netflix! I like music too - especially when I’m in a hardcore workout, but most of the time I just love having the background of a show that I like, but don’t need to be very engaged in (such as New Girl) running in the background as I workout. I definitely couldn’t watch a show such as How to Get Away with Murder, because I seriously need all eyes on the screen when that show is on!

2| Camelback waterbottle

I cannot go to the gym without my camelback, or any water bottle for that matter! I’ve definitely gone to the gym without a water bottle and I’m never doing that again - I was basically clearing my throat every 10 seconds and coughing from having a dry mouth. So to keep myself hydrated and save others from thinking I’m dying, my water bottle is a necessity! I really like Camelback as well, although I’m looking for a new water bottle that I can drink from more easily during a workout.

3| Towel

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a workout with sweat dripping into your eyes (ouch) and mouth (ew). My gym actually offers towels so I don’t really need to bring one, but I would definitely bring one to places that didn’t offer towels. My towel is my life saver!

4| Polar FT4

I absolutely LOVE my Polar FT4! For those of you who don’t know, the Polar FT4 is a heart rate monitor. It tells you when you are in and out of your heart rate zone so you can tell if you’re over-doing it or not working hard enough. The day I got my Polar FT4 was a life changing day and my results have been way better since I got it! I would highly recommend the Polar FT4 to anyone; I wrote a review on the Polar FT4 here.

5| Sports bras

This one goes without saying, but I had to put it in here because I’m loving these sports bras by Forever 21! They’re cute, affordable and totally hold up during a sweaty workout. Forever 21 is where I get a lot of my workout clothes, but I also love Fabletics - their clothes are of super high quality!

There you have it. That’s what is in my gym bag for October!

What are your gym essentials this month? I’d love to know!