How I Furnished My Apartment for Under $2000

 How I furnished my apartment for under $2000 - ActivKel

Wow!! It's been soooo long since I've last posted on this blog (whoops!) A lot has happened since 2015 (what?!) I moved to Florida from Chicago, got me a boyfriend of almost 2 years now (his name is Matlock. You'll probably hear more of him throughout these posts), upgraded to a nicer apartment, got a new car, a new job... yeah I basically live a different life now!

So, when we first moved into this apartment, we had pretty much no furniture. I mean, we didn't have a mattress, a couch, kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies... nothing. Just a dresser and our clothes lol. The other condo we were staying at was furnished, so we didn't need anything, which made move-day super easy!

Our apartment is 745 square feet (not a lot by any means, but it works for us for right now) and has one bedroom and one bath. So, furnishing the place wouldn't be super expensive due to its small size, but I was able to furnish it all UNDER $2000 which is HUGE! I did a poll on IG stories a looooong time ago (probably 3-4 months ago) asking if you guys would benefit from me showing you where I got everything and for how much, and the majority of you said "yes!" so, here we are! I'll go from room to room, starting with the living room. (By the way, in many of these photos you'll see my cat, Finn! He loves being photographed haha)

Living room: $1074

 How I furnished my apartment for under $2000 - ActivKel

So, we actually furnished the living room last, which I kind of wish we could have furnished sooner because at the time we only had a large bean bag to sit on lol. We're not 100% done furnishing it too, by the way. We still need an entertainment system, but I think we have the basic necessities for now. So, here's the list of items we got and where you can find them:

 How I furnished my apartment for under $2000 - ActivKel

Sectional: IKEA Kivik Sectional in Hillared Anthracite ($849). I really like this sectional! When I was looking for a couch, I knew I wanted a sectional because it's just way more fun to lay on. I was trying to find used couches, but none of them did it for me. They all looked used... haha. I like the used-but-doesn't-look-used type of used, ya know? So, I decided on this couch. There's kind of a funny story behind this couch: IKEA is about a 45 minute drive for us. We went there on a Sunday and they didn't have any of the Hillared Anthracite color in stock, but they had the light grey. The employee we talked to said they'd probably be in stock the next day, so we got one of my co-workers who had a pick-up to drive us out there again on Monday. They still didn't have the Hillared Anthracite :( so I decided to get the light grey material and when they had the Hillared Anthracite, I'd go back and get that material (you can switch the material of the couches if you want to). So, we built the couch on Monday night and pretty much got it all together. SO, the next day on Tuesday, I saw it was in stock... lol so I told Matlock we were going to IKEA again to get the color I actually wanted. So, we did and we came back from IKEA, took apart the couch, switched the material and FINALLY had it all put together. Haha, honestly we probably should've waited a week or so until it was in stock... but I'm impatient when I know what I want haha.

Pillows and covers: IKEA. They ranged from I think $6-10 each and the covers were around that same price range. I don't quite remember the exact amount, and IKEA has like 27 pages of pillows on their website lol. Plus, I wouldn't actually recommend these pillows. I got them because they were cheap... but they're exactly that haha. They need a lot of fluffing and often look flat, so I'll need to get new ones at some point.

Area rug: MY FAVORITE area rug ever! It is so soft and feels incredible on your feet. It is Treshold Micropoly Shag Area Rug in Cream, 6x10. I originally got it on sale for $175, but it is now $237 and some change.

Printer cart: I call it a printer cart because my printer is on it haha, but I guess it's more like a bar cart? I got it off of Amazon for $50. I love it for my printer, but you can use it as a utility cart or bar cart.

And that pretty much wraps up the living room haha! Like I said, we still need to add a few things in here, but this is what we have for now.

Kitchen: $261

 How I furnished my apartment for under $2000 - Activkel

Okay, so kitchen. We really didn't have anything, so I went to IKEA and bought plates, glasses, silverware, and some other random things. IKEA will probably always be one of my favorite places for inexpensive home stuff. Here's a list of everything I could remember that we got, from where and its price:

 How I Furnished My Apartment for Under $2000 - Activkel

Plates/bowls: IKEA Flitighet 18-piece dinnerware set ($20). I still really like this dinnerware set to this day. Pretty sturdy and none have broken so far!

Glasses: IKEA Godis Glass 6 pack ($5) Okay. How can you pass up 6 glasses for $5?? And again, none of these have broken in the 9 months that we've had them!

Silverware: IKEA Dragon 20-piece flatware set ($13) We actually ended up getting another set so we didn't have to do dishes as often haha. They're pretty nice, but the little spoon is super tiny, it's more of a spoon you'd use to stir in creamer or honey.

Trash can: I'm not usually one to have a high affinity for trash cans... but, this one is pretty sweet! It has a motion sensor, so you waive your hand over it to open it up. I love this because when I'm cutting meats, I don't have to worry about touching anything, so it keeps everything very sanitary. I got the SimpleHuman 45L Semi Round Sensor Trash Can at Bed Bath and Beyond, where they usually offer 20% off coupons. I got it for $80, but it is listed at $100. I know it may seem like a lot for a trash can, but trust me, it's very nice and luxurious haha.

Island chairs: Our island is HUGE and I love that about our apartment! Since we don't have space for a kitchen table, I knew we needed chairs for people to sit at the island. We only have two for now. I'd like to get two more and keep them in a closet or something and use them when we have more guests over. We got them at Target (of course) and they are the Brookline Tufted 25" Counter Stool in Charcoal. They're listed at $89 each right now, but we got them on a pretty good sale at $65 each.

Espresso machine: Okay, so I actually got this as a gift from a friend for helping them with something, but I have to mention it because I love it SO much. If you love lattes, you need to consider investing in this bad boy! It's the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine and it's available on Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond. It's $599 right now on Amazon (but usually fluctuates. Lowest I've seen it is $549) and is also $599 at Bed Bath and Beyond, but if you use that 20% off coupon that they often send out, you can get it for a little cheaper. It is pretty pricey for an espresso machine, but hey, if you want incredible quality lattes everyday without paying $4-5 every day, then it's worth it!

Bedroom: $462

 How I Furnished My Apartment for Under $2000 - Activkel

Mattress: I actually got my mattress off Amazon, which a lot of people are surprised by lol but it's actually really high quality, even I was surprised haha! It came in a box all rolled up like you've probably seen other mattresses on Instagram. I got the Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress - King ($200). I know, I know... $200?? A mattress can't be that good and only $200. But.. it is. lol. I've had many friends tell me how nice it is when they lay on it!

 How I Furnished My Apartment for Under $2000 - Activkel

Bed frame: It took us like 3 months to get a bed frame haha. I wanted a tufted bed frame, but I didn't really want to pay a huge amount for one. Everywhere I looked bed frames were at least $600, which isn't too bad, but I was penny pinching at the time. So, then I found our bed frame at Amazon haha. I ended up getting the LIFE Home Premiere Classic 51" Headboard & Bed Frame in Cream. ($220) and it is very sturdy and I've found it to be pretty high quality!

Comforter and cover: Again... from Amazon lol. The comforter is the Utopia Bedding Ultra Plush Hypoallergenic Duvet Insert. ($32) The cover is the Nestl Bedding Duvet Cover ($30)

 How I Furnished My Apartment for Under $2000 - Activkel

The dresser I had purchased previously from IKEA and the side tables and lamps were given to us from one of our friends' mom.

Bathroom: ~$30

Shower curtain/liner: I couldn't find the shower curtain online.. but I got it at Target and I think it was about $20ish? I'm not 100% though!

 How I Furnished My Apartment for Under $2000 - Activkel

Bathroom rug: IKEA! Haha, I got the Toftbo Bath Mat ($10)

And I think that's pretty much it!

Grand total: $1827

Again, we have a small apartment so we didn't really have to get a ton of stuff to fill it up, but I found some pretty good deals, so hopefully you can use them too if  you're moving somewhere new without furniture.

Let me know if you found this useful! What great deals have you found for furnishing your home??